This book reveal the essential facts and basic principles required by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council [N.  E.  R.  C] and the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) syllabus in the most concise and comprehensive manner possible.             


 All concepts and definitions are discussed in detail and in a lucid manner. Subject matter is supplemented by suitable illustrative examples.


Topics in this  book are  explained with a number of solved examples and, supplemented with clear self - explanatory diagrams to give the student a clear understanding of the topic.

Each chapter has been provided with sufficient exercises, solved past questions, revision  exercises and objective tests in the end, with an aim to give the student a thorough revision of each chapter. 


For the student this book offers the opportunity to become thoroughly familiriased with the format and style of mathematics examinations. This book will help students build confidence and right motivation needed to come out with flying  colours in their examination.

Master Mathematics 2


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